Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brightening Your Home with Glass

Nothing quite reflects light and colour like glass. 

At Echo's we never know what will be arriving on our receiving desk and this month we are excited about a variety of Canadian, Lalique and Murano glass.  Art glass is a beautiful and timeless.

From paperweights to vases, theses pieces can add elegance and style to any home decor.

Murano glass comes from an island outside Venice where for centuries glass making is an art form perfected and passed down for generations. In the 13th century artisans were forbidden to leave the island and practice their trade elsewhere to keep Murano glassmaking secrets from any competition.

This way of life has made Venice a capitol of glassmaking. Of course times have changed and Murano artists travel as they please.

The traditions have still continued and thrived in later centuries with innovative artists and expertise.

Lalique glass is the legacy of French artist Rene Lalique. He was an innovator who created both Art Nouveau as well as Art Deco designs.

His inspiration came from nature as well as the Far East.  He was able to create glass for the world market by using industrial processes with success.

The Lalique firm is still producing glass today and many of Rene Lalique's designs remain in production.

Most recently we are enjoying a display of a colourful collection of Canadian glass. We are selling works from two renowned Canadian artists John Phillip and Robert Held.

Both of them use the difficult and fascinating form of blown glass. Robert Held has a studio in Vancouver where he crafts high quality collections. John Phillips has an international reputation and has had his work displayed across Canada and beyond.

We have some samples of both artists on display in our store. The beauty of hand blown glass is that each piece is one of kind. Unique forms and shapes have occurred in the creation process and are captured in time.