About Us

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Did you know Echo's China was started over thiry-five years ago?  We began as a small antique & collectible store. 

During the hard times of the early 1980's, we needed a way to expand our business.

"We had a recipe card file with a number of people looking for discontinued china and so our pattern matching mission was launched. "

We could never have envisioned this moment: online shopping, facebook, twitter and a blog. We're even getting onto Google+

Welcome to the future where old meets new!

We want to encourage you to use your dishes...
We want to encourage you to use your dishes, for yourself as well as with family and friends.

We are excited to share some of our stories we have acquired from over the years. Most of all we want to hear from you.
 "If these dishes could only talk!" Well, now is the time. 
               Submit your stories and photos.  (You might win something!)

Have a family recipe you want to share? Photos of your table settings? Entertaining ideas? Send it our way, we'd love to share.

Your thoughts are welcome on this page via comments and by email.

Submit your photos and story ideas to echoschina@gmail.com